Chicken and Spinach Quiche

You can decide when to have a quiche. A quiche is good for breakfast, lunch, a tea time bite, an entree or can even be a simple dinner paired with a citrus salad. This quiche is quite the best in taste and the recipe is a sure keeper. This was a winner at the potlucks I took them too.

Chicken and Spinach Quiche

Orange and Almond Cake - The Jewish Passover Cake

This passover cake was made during the passover season this year but I got time only now to do the needful and share it out here. A wonderfully moist,rustic and fragrant cake and can be easily devoured with a cup of black tea or coffee. This recipe was passed over by a dear friend who is also an enthusiastic baker and am so grateful to her for having sent it across to me.

Orange and Almond Cake - The Jewish Passover Cake
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